Painfully obvious advice (that I needed to hear)

I recently had lunch with my good friend Joe, a freelance filmmaker.

Over the past few years, as Joe was making his transition into the freelance world, we would often grab a coffee or meal and share our joys and challenges in life and work. We were both receptive to generous feedback from the other.

As we have been texting these past few weeks I’m sure Joe could sense my stress levels rising.

I’m now a 34-year-old single father no longer on the company payroll.


Being a freelancer is so incredibly new and different…

… and different is stressful. Different is change. And change is risky.


Halfway through our conversation, I blurted out…

“What advice would you give me?”

And Joe replied…

“I’ll tell you exactly what you told me these past few years… you know what step you need to take next… so take it.”


You are probably in a different, but no less challenging, situation.

It’s impossible to know exactly what you should do over the next 6 months, let alone the next 6 days.

But don’t let that paralyze you like it has paralyzed me.


Today, take the next step towards your goal… reassess tomorrow… and then take another step.

Before you know it, your goal will be in sight. And we’ll have a dance party when you hit your goal.